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Medvedev hunting more titles in Boston

Daniil Medvedev at practice

Daniil Medvedev arrived in Boston with a new look.

Not yet two weeks removed from winning his maiden major title at the US Open, the Russian was freshly shorn, a haircut somehow making him look younger than his 25 years.

Or maybe it was just the suntan he had acquired during his vacation on the beaches of Miami.

“I had a week off. We had a great time celebrating the victory,” said Medvedev, a first-time Laver Cup participant. “I’ve been soaking it all in. Now the next tournament is coming and I’m just looking forward to playing some great tennis.”

Medvedev is no stranger to the team concept. In February, he helped lead his countrymen to the ATP Cup title in Melbourne. But he’s in for a whole new experience at TD Garden, where the points — and the stakes — get higher by the day.

“It’s a bit different than playing for your country,” said the World No. 2, unwinding after a photoshoot in the harbor-front LoPresti Park, sweeping views of Boston’s skyline rising up behind him.

Here, we don’t play for the country; we play for the entire continent. I’m excited because it’s my first time. I really wanted this week to come.

Medvedev insists that, haircut aside, he hasn’t changed since breaking through in his third appearance in a Grand Slam final.

“It’s just a goal that I accomplished that not so many players manage to do,” he said. “And that’s great because I was dreaming about it since I was young. I dreamed about it even more after my first two finals. I know that nobody can take it away from me. That’s the best feeling.

Now I want to play better. I want to get more titles, whether it’s Grand Slams, Masters or Laver Cup. That’s how I approach it.”


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