Ticketing FAQs


When do tickets go on sale to the general public and how do I purchase them?

Multi-session tickets (offering the same seat for all five sessions) go on sale at 10.00 am Central European Time (CET) on Friday February 24 at LaverCup.com and www.ticketportal.cz.
Tickets are expected to be in high demand so fans are encouraged to get online early and be prepared for the possibility of long delays when they book tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where is wheelchair access available?

There is wheelchair accessible seating for purchase within the O₂ Arena. These seats are on a platform in the Category 2 ticket area, and they are available for the price of a Category 4 seat. Personal verification is required to buy this ticket, and you are able to purchase a ticket for someone who is assisting you at the price of 1CZK.
Please contact Ticketportal at [email protected] and they will assist you with your booking request.

What is a multi-session ticket?
A multi-session ticket will give the holder access to all five sessions at the Laver Cup, and will ensure the same seat for all five sessions.

How much does a multi-session ticket cost?
The price of a multi-session ticket (five sessions) starts from 4,500 CZK (approx. US $180).
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Will single session tickets be available?
Currently, only multi-session tickets are available to purchase. Single session tickets may become available some time in the future, but there is no guarantee.

Can other people use my multi-session tickets?
A multi-session ticket provides the buyer with 5 individual tickets (one per session). Tickets can be distributed amongst family and friends, but they cannot be resold.

Are there any discounts?
There are no discounts for seniors, concession or children. Every individual who enters the arena, including small children, must have their own ticket to be admitted.

What price do hospitality packages start at?
There are four hospitality packages, three of which will be available for purchase Friday 24 February. Multi-session hospitality packages start at 27,900 CZK (approx. US $1116).
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Can I sell my Laver Cup tickets or additional tickets I have purchased on eBay?
No. The Conditions of Sale and Entry state you cannot on-sell seats. You will be in breach of these conditions if you advertise your tickets on eBay or any other auction sites. Listed tickets on eBay or other auction sites that are sold above face value may be cancelled without refund, and patrons holding these tickets will be denied admission to the event.

How are tickets distributed? Paper form or online?
Individuals can choose to print their tickets at home or have them mailed to their home. Those who choose to have their tickets mailed will be charged an additional fee to cover the cost of shipping. No tickets will be distributed by the O₂ arena Box Office. Additional costs for shipping: 1) Mail within CZ and Slovakia 150 CZK; 2) FedEx Eastern Europe and Russia 1550 CZK; 3) FedEx Western Europe and US 750 CZK

Can my tickets be mailed to me if I don’t live in the Czech Republic?
Yes. All tickets being mailed outside the Czech Republic will be assessed an additional fee to cover the cost of shipping. Additional costs for shipping: 1) Mail within CZ and Slovakia 150 CZK; 2) FedEx Eastern Europe and Russia 1550 CZK; 3) FedEx Western Europe and US 750 CZK

Can I change my seats once my booking has been completed?
No. Once a purchase is confirmed seats may not be relocated or changed.

If I am unable to attend can I get a refund?
All tickets and hospitality packages are non-refundable.

Can children attend the Laver Cup and which areas can they access?
Everyone is welcome to attend the Laver Cup. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while inside the O₂ arena as well as any area operated by the Laver Cup. Note that each attendee must have their own seat.

I want to see Roger Federer (or my favourite player). When is he playing?
As with most tennis events, tickets are sold to sessions of the Laver Cup, not to particular matches. It is not possible to purchase tickets in advance to see a specific player, as schedules and the order of play will be posted on LaverCup.com prior to the start of each day’s play. Remember, the schedule and order of play are subject to change at any time. Tennis is an unpredictable sport.

Where can I park near the O₂ arena?
A multi-storey parking garage is located close to the O₂ arena providing for short-term parking needs.
View detailed information and parking rates.

Can I buy from other ticket vendors?
Laver Cup cannot guarantee tickets purchased from unauthorised sellers will be able to gain access to the venue. We advice purchasing tickets from only authorised suppliers and tour operator.
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There are tickets for sale on Viagogo
Viagogo is not an authorised reseller of Laver Cup tickets and they are not recognised by the event. We do not sell tickets to this organisation or any unauthorised resellers and we strongly advise people not to buy from them, as these tickets may not be valid.