How Laver Cup Works


The Laver Cup pits six of the best men’s tennis players from Europe against six of their best counterparts from the rest of the world over three days of intense team competition.

Team selection

Each team is comprised of six players, and led by a team captain, who is a legend of the sport. The captain of Europe is Bjorn Borg, and the captain of Team World is John McEnroe. 

Three of the six players qualify based on their ATP singles ranking as of the Monday following The Championships, Wimbledon 2023. Three are “captain’s picks”, announced by the start of the US Open.

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Laver Cup Format

The event consists of five sessions played over three days (Friday – Sunday).

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Both singles and doubles are best of three sets with ad scoring. In the event of split sets, the third set is a 10-point match tiebreaker.

Each player competes in at least one singles match during the first two days.

No player can play singles more than twice during the three days.

At least four of the six players must play doubles. No doubles combination is played more than once, unless for the Decider on Day 3, if points are 12:12.

The winning team must reach 13 points.

In the event of a tie after all 12 matches are played, a final overtime doubles match – a Decider – is played as a regular set with ad scoring and a tiebreak.

In the event that only one match is required on Sunday, an exhibition match is played following the trophy ceremony.

Friday’s lineup is announced on Thursday afternoon.
Saturday’s lineup is announced an hour after play ends on Friday night.
Sunday’s lineup is announced an hour after play ends on Saturday night.
Match-ups are determined through the exchange of lineup cards by the captains.

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Laver Cup Scoring

Points scoring
Each match win is worth one point on Friday, two points on Saturday, and three points on Sunday.

How to win the Laver Cup
The first team to reach 13 points out of a total 24 points available wins the Laver Cup. If the points are tied at 12:12 at the end of all matches, a fifth match (Decider) on Sunday is played to determine the winner.

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The location of the Laver Cup rotates between Europe and the rest of the world cities each year.

The event takes place every year, the second week after the US Open.

Laver Cup 2023 will take place in Vancouver at Rogers Arena from September 22-24, 2023.

Laver Cup 2024 will take place in Berlin at Mercedes-Benz Arena from September 20-22, 2024

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Court Surface

The event is always played on one competition hard court in a retractable roof stadium or indoor arena.

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Team Captains

Each team is captained by a legend of the sport. Björn Borg is the captain of Team Europe and John McEnroe is the captain of Team World.

Captain’s Role
The captains are responsible for selecting the three captain’s picks as well as the players for singles and doubles matches.

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