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‘When the Laver Cup comes to town, you know it’

Laver Cup 2019 – Day 2

Former Olympic champion Marc Rosset is full of praise for the biggest sporting event ever to come to his home town of Geneva.

The Laver Cup set-up at Geneva’s Palexpo arena is magnificent and enormous – 17,209 seats, a 99,800 square meter footprint including the arena, Fan Zone, hospitality areas, broadcast and back-of-house. 

Spectators are astonished as soon as they step into a complex that has been transformed, for a few days, into a sort of tennis temple. 

Rosset, Olympic gold medalist in 1992 and former Swiss Davis Cup captain, is experiencing the Laver Cup for the first time and is thrilled by the event.  

“The concept, the atmosphere, the stadium, the practice court, the Fan Zone, the whole Laver Cup environment is just unbelievable,” said Rosset.

It’s just a new event that was only born two years ago and still needs to mature but the players take it seriously – Marc Rosset

“I had heard about it, seen it on TV, but coming here I was really excited to see it for myself and discover the power of the whole thing.

“When the Laver Cup comes to town, you know it.  You can’t ignore it. And you can feel that they thought about every single detail.

“I know Roger (Federer) wanted to have a top-class event once here in Switzerland, and make sure that everyone is happy. So far he has succeeded.” 

If the Laver Cup is a tennis fan’s dream, Rosset believes it is also a huge boost for his home town. 

“It’s a one-shot but for sure, it gives an international focus on Geneva,” he added.

“People know that the Laver cup in Geneva with Roger Federer won’t happen twice. Therefore, it makes it unique and valuable for this town and region.” 

And as a former professional player, Rosset admits that he would love to have participated in such an event, surrounded by the greats of the game. 

“It must be a thrill,” he said.

“Imagine, if you haven’t won a Grand Slam yourself and you’re in a team with a captain that has won a few, and guys such as Nadal and Federer behind you in the bench, it’s not easy not to get some pressure”, he adds, smiling. 

“When you play in a team, you give it all to score a point for your teammates.

“It’s just a new event that was only born two years ago and still needs to mature but the players take it seriously. No doubt about it.” 

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