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Czech Post pays tribute to Rod Laver

Rod Laver with official stamp
Czech Post CEO Martin Elkan presented the legendary Rod Laver with more than 200 commemorative postcards at the main Post Office in Prague’s picturesque Jindřišská Street ahead of the Laver Cup starting on Friday at the O2 Arena.

The beautifully-designed postcard pictures ‘Rocket’ Rod Laver with the newest trophy in world tennis, the magnificent Laver Cup, a handcrafted masterpiece that has been constructed to celebrate the Australian’s iconic career.

“The tennis players from the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia have always belonged among the best players in the world”, Martin Elkan, CEO of the Czech Post said. 

“The home crowds will have the privilege of seeing the first year of the Laver Cup filled with stars. 

“I am proud of the fact that the Czech Post has been able to give this tribute to this event and especially to Rod Laver in the form of a unique postcard, which will surely find a place in the souvenir collections of many tennis fans.”

“It’s an incredible honor to have this new event, the Laver Cup, named after me, and I’m humbled to now have this beautiful stamp and postcard produced here in Prague,” Rod Laver said.

“I have wonderful memories of playing here in this beautiful city and am delighted the first ever Laver Cup is being played here. 

“In golf, there is the Ryder Cup, but until now we didn’t have a similar tournament for tennis. As a sport, we need to always evolve and I’m thrilled the Laver Cup will introduce this exciting new format to tennis.”

Rod Laver and his Czech postcard.
Tennis legend Rod Laver holds up one of the postcards made in his honor by Czech Post.


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