Sept 22-24, 2017 | Prague

Book your tickets

We anticipate the demand will once again be very high so here are a couple of tips to help you when the sale begins:

• Please make sure you have a secure and strong internet connection. The queue line works based on your constant and strong connection to the ticket portal site, so if your internet falters even for a second, you will be re-queued.

• Do not let your computer go into “sleep mode.” If your computer screen goes black or enters sleep mode you will lose your place in line and you will be re-queued.

• Make sure your bank knows you are trying to make a large online purchase through a site based in Prague, that way they do not flag the transaction as fraud.

• Make sure the billing address on your ticket portal account matches the billing address on your credit card.

• You must have a ticket portal account to purchase tickets. In order to ease your purchasing experience, we encourage you to create this account in advance.

• Once you place a ticket in your basket it is only saved to your account for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the ticket will be released. If you proceed to checkout within this 15 minute period you will be given additional time to complete your purchase.